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Fundamentals of Engineering

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
Sedki M Riad

Why Study EM Fields?

EM are pivotal to all aspects of Electrical Engineering. Maxwell’s equations provide the foundation for the topics of cifieldsrcuit theory, electronics, communications, power generation and transmission, microwaves and antennas, just to name a few application areas.

Additional skills gained by studying EM fields as an undergraduate:

Design Competence Skills:

Studying electromagnetic fields is about gaining the skill and acquiring the tools that enables the engineer to relate to the physics of electrical charge distributions and currents and their interaction with different materials. In other words, this study is all about developing the appreciation to the properties and limitations of the elements and components we use in electrical and electronic devices.

Problem Solving Skills:

Studying EM fields has the potential of arming the learner with “problem solving” skills. This a fringe benefit that comes naturally with the topic, far beyond what comes through from other courses in his/her curricula. This is manifested in the ability to take a physical problem through the steps of deriving a physically based model for which a mathematical model is then developed. Next, we do the math analysis and obtain results for which we find relevant physical explanations and applications.


Fundamentals of Engineering
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves


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Sedki Riad
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